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Care & Maintenance

Care and Maintenance

To best care for these fabrics we recommend vacuuming on a weekly basis to remove dust and dirt. We suggest you avoid placing these fabrics in direct sunlight, as UV will cause fading and a change in colour may occur over time. We recommend treating any spills or marks immediately with the help of a qualified professional upholstery cleaner. To clean your fabric and linen covers, use a professional upholstery cleaner only.

To clean your painted timber surface, use a dust cloth or feather duster to remove dust and debris. Removing dust is essential as dust collection absorbs and holds moisture on humid days and damp evenings, causing the timber to expand/crack. You may use a slightly damp cloth or mild detergent in lukewarm water to remove liquids that might stain, however be sure that the cloth is not soaked excessively and the surface is dried with a clean dry cloth immediately after wetting.

Softening and stretching of the leather is to be expected with use. Wipe leather with a clean dry cloth on a weekly basis to remove dust and dirt particles that can clog up the pores of the leather. Do not use a brush as bridles can damage the Leather. To treat difficult stains, we recommend contacting a specialist leather cleaner who can also assist with regular treatment of the leather. We ensure our cow hides are tanned and dyed with products that do not contain harmful substances. Leather is s a natural material so any wrinkles or small defects should be considered a feature that certifies the quality of the leather. Discolouration with exposure to sunlight or sources of heat is normal overtime.



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